Dr. Yun Nancy Huang MD – 2018 HCC Grant Recipient

Dr. Yun Nancy Huang – 2018 CFOH Seed Grant Research Recipient

My research interest is in understanding the role of DNA modifications in health and disease.  As I started my research program at Texas A&M University since July 2014, my laboratory has been focusing on elucidating the (patho)physiological functions of TET protein and its catalytic products in human cancers (Nat Genet 2016; Genome Biol 2016). My ongoing research directions include: (1) defining the dynamic changes of DNA modifications and their correlation with gene expression and transcriptional regulation; (2) delineating the regulatory network of DNA methylation/demethylation by using “omics” approaches to identify novel binding partners and complexes; (3) developing innovative (epi)genome-editing tools to alter aberrant DNA modifications implicated in cancer.

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