Dr. Yinghong Wang MD, PhD – 2019 Grant Recipient

Dr. Yinghong Wang MD, PhD   2018 CFOH Seed Grant Research Recipient, MD Anderson

Department Of Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition, Division Of Internal Medicine

The Target Cancer is colon cancer and side effects of cancer treatment.

Colitis is a devastating side effect of immune based colon cancer treatment and often results in stopping therapy to treat the cancer.  Restoring the health of the colon is important so cancer treatment can resume.

Restoring the fecal microbiome plays a critical role in normalizing colon function. This has been done successfully with fecal transplant therapy.  An article in Nature medical journal has been published for this novel idea. 

The study will Take 10 patients with colitis (IMC) to receive fecal transplant after colon cancer therapy is interrupted.  If fecal transplant is proven safe and effective then this ground breaking treatment to manage the side effect of IMC during colon cancer therapy.  Best scenario would be to include fecal transplant therapy via colonoscopy as a part of standard care associated with immunotherapy.

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