Steven A. Curley, MD – 2015 Grant Recipient


2015 HCC Seed Grant Cancer Research Recipient


Dr. Steven A. Curley specializes in providing surgical care for patients with hepatobiliary and pancreatic malignancies. As our chief of surgical oncology and cancer center associate director, he leads efforts at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) and on the McNair campus to build a world-class, multidisciplinary surgical oncology program with significant national and international outreach and stature.

Dr. Curley has been leading a basic sciences laboratory for 22 years. Currently, his research centers on the design, bench testing, and clinical study of novel noninvasive radio-frequency (RF) field treatment devices. Having developed two FDA-approved devices for invasive radio-frequency ablation needles to treat unresectable liver cancers, his current studies focus on targeted delivery of metallic or semiconducting nanoparticles that release heat under RF field induction to cause thermal cytotoxicity in cancer cells. His group has also performed complex physicochemical measurements of nanoparticles, and has conjugated them to antibodies, peptides, and pharmacologic agents to target cancer cells. He hopes to test these novel treatments in human clinical trials at BCM within the next two to three years, pending FDA approval.

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